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Dr. Hasan El-Fakahany is the founder of Rejavau Clinics in Cairo

Dr. Hasan El-Fakahany Associate Professor in Dermatolgy, Andrology and STD’s department at Minia University in Egypt. With a fellowship from Yale University.

Dr. Hasan is the founder of Rejavau Clinics and believes that every person who steps into our clinic is a human first then a patient second and with that belief we are able to maintain excellence on a human and scientific level.

Dr. Hasan El-Fakahany  M.D, F.A.C.S.


Message from the Doctor

Our philosophy in life is to believe in second chances, beauty from within is our strongest moto… Age is just a number you do not have to live with, there is always a solution. Where our Rejavau came from is what drives our services… Not Just a name; it is life. Rejuvenation of skin will bring a dejavu to your body were it use to be… We do not only offer anti-aging services but also aging stop solutions.

Our Specialized Doctors

سهام عيتاني دكتور الجلدية وأخصائية التجميل. خبيرة التجميل في الشرق الأوسط في عيادات ريجافو لفترة محدودة

Dr. Sihan ltani

Aesthetic Medicine

  • Fluid Lift
  • Russian Lip Technique
  • Under Eyes Filler
  • Chin Augmentation
  • Threads Plus Liquid Lifting

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