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Dr. Hasan El-Fakahany Associate Professor in Dermatolgy, Andrology and STD’s department at Minia University in Egypt. With a fellowship from Yale University.

Dr. Hasan is the founder of Rejavau Clinics and believes that every person who steps into our clinic is a human first then a patient second and with that belief we are able to maintain excellence on a human and scientific level.

Dr. Hasan El-Fakahany  M.D, F.A.C.S.


Message from the Doctor

Our philosophy in life is to believe in second chances, beauty from within is our strongest moto… Age is just a number you do not have to live with, there is always a solution. Where our Rejavau came from is what drives our services… Not Just a name; it is life. Rejuvenation of skin will bring a dejavu to your body were it use to be… We do not only offer anti-aging services but also aging stop solutions.

Our Specialized Doctors

Dr. Sihan ltani

Aesthetic Medicine

  • Fluid Lift
  • Russian Lip Technique
  • Under Eyes Filler
  • Chin Augmentation
  • Threads Plus Liquid Lifting

Rejavau Clinics