Love Handle Tighten – Laser


What is Love Handle Tighten – Laser?

Love Handle Tighten - Laser
Love Handle Tighten – Laser

Love handles are an accumulation of excess fat extending outward from the hips, this is also known as an extended waistline, flanks or muffin top. Love handles can cause many clients to feel self-conscious about their self-image and can make a client feel self-conscious when wearing fitted tops, tight clothing or skirts.


By using special laser technology lipolysis with skin tightening, most of our clients achieve the best results they are aiming for.


Why is it best?

  • Tightening – Without the risks of a surgical procedure (such as the tummy tuck) and when used in combination with standard liposuction, the fat-melting action of laser lipolysis, a minimally invasive treatment, has the added benefit of producing new collagen (collagen is the main protein that gives the skin its tone and texture).
  • The laser’s thermal (heat) energy melts the fat and standard liposuction removes it from the body,
  • Improved overall skin elasticity
  • Improved texture from redness (vascular)
  • It is a completely safe procedure
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